Our faq list is small as the process is quite straightforward but here are a few items that may help:

Q - how can I tell if the file I want converted to .pdf is suitable?
A - most files are suitable and we are willing to try for you. There
     may be the odd format that we have not tested however.

Q - what happens if the file I submit cannot be converted or I am
     unhappy with the result?
A - we will reimburse you straight away.

Q - can you edit .pdf files to include additional content?
A - yes this can be done. Please e-mail for more details.

Q - I would like to use your services on an ongoing basis. Can I
     get preferential rates?
A - yes this is possible by opening an account. Please e-mail for
     more details.

Q - how long does it take to get my converted file mailed back to
A - this is usually the same day where Payment is made by
     PayPal. Setting up a PayPal account is easy and secure and
     you can get more details here.
     If you wish to pay by cheque, the process will be delayed only
     as long as it takes to receive your payment.

Q - I wish to pay by cheque - what are your mailing details?
A - we will e-mail our mailing details when we receive the e-mail
     containing your files to be converted.